Window Licker

There is more to the song than just the lyrics in today’s music industry. There is the message, the music video, and all the alterations that come along with it. Chris Cunningham, who also produced Aphex’s “Come to Daddy” was the producer of this music video Window Licker. From the start Chris said that this video was set to be a spoof of the stereotypical sexism underlying R&B and rap. Aphex Twin’s 10 minute Window Licker music video begins with two men driving a convertible, cursing and trying to pick up two black women dressed in revealing white outfits on the side of the road. After failing to pick up these women, an incredibly long white limousine appears. Inside the limo is Aphex Twin. His over exaggerated smile with stretched lips makes his smile rather creepy than welcoming. Aphex Twin gets put of the limo and does a “seductive” dance and in a blink of an eye the women are on Aphex’s lap in the limo. Many think this sense showed a conflict with race. The women were turned off and rejected the black men in a beat down car, but were easily attracted to rich white man in a limo. These women’s faces were transformed into Aphex’s face with creepy grins. This shows the sexism exposed in many rap and R&B videos. Men in these kinds of videos do not even care what the women look like. They are using them for the “action” and “sex”. As the video goes on, the women’s face get more hideous. But again, the looks don’t matter to Alphax and he continues dancing and touching the women. Alphax is noticeably obsessed with himself throughout the video. He is always centered on the screen. Many artists like to market themselves through lyrics, or highlighting their name in their songs. While Alphax doesn’t do that, he repeatedly has his symbol of the arrow shown throughout the video. Overall, when looking further into the music video, you see all the problems exposed in rap music today.


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